5 Mobile Testing EBooks for Free Download

Mobile testing is making leaps and bounds of progress in overall testing space. As this field is highly dynamic, tester has to constantly evolve and improvise his/her knowledge about mobile testing. To help software testers gain an edge, we have compiled a list of mobile testing eBooks they can download for free.

Let’s see this mobile testing eBooks list one by one.

  • Mobile Testing: Ready Reckoner: This book compiled by Ajay Balamurugadas and Sundaresan Krishnaswami is nice introduction to mobile testing space. It covers many topics like tools, learning of majority of mobile device functions, mind maps etc for Android and iOS devices. You can download it from here.
  • The Essential Guide to Mobile App Testing: Put together by uTest, this book covers topics like overcoming QA challenges, differentiating native apps from mobile web apps along with details about OS, devices, carriers and more. You can download it from here.
  • Why Mobile App Testing is Important to Your App’s Success: This is a book by AppSee. It covers critical mobile testing aspects like comprehensive test strategy, challenges in mobile testing, use of in-app analytics tool to improve user experience. Download this book from here.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App A/B Testing: This is an interesting book as it covers A/B testing of mobile apps. In this book you will explore how you can A/B test app elements without shipping new versions, which app elements you can easily A/B test for quick results, best practices to follow when launching an app A/B test etc. Give it a look over here.
  • Quick and Efficient Mobile Testing Strategy: This is a book from ChaiOne discussing about churning out efficient test strategy to increase test effectiveness under tight timelines. This book covers tips to minimize OS fragmentation issues and reducing testing time. You can download it from here.

We hope this list of mobile testing eBooks will be useful to mobile testers. Inform us about any more free books you know about mobile testing.

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