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Simulating Keypress Events in Selenium IDE

Since version 2.3.0, Selenium IDE supports keyboard keypress events. We can simulate Selenium IDE keypress events using

Run Selenium IDE Script in Different Browsers using WebDriver Playback

WebDriver Playback is a newly introduced feature in Selenium IDE. It allows users to run Selenium

Setup Sikuli on Windows Platform

Sikuli is an interesting tool which is useful for automating both desktop and web applications. Given

Introduction to Sikuli: A GUI Automation Tool

Sikuli is an interesting tool which can appeal to both novice and seasoned automation professionals. It automates

Verify Color in Selenium WebDriver

If automation requirements in your project wants you to verify colors of web page elements, you

Selenium WebDriver Wait: A Detailed Guide

In automation, waiting is having the automated task execution elapse a certain amount of time before

Selenium Verify Scrollbar Presence Example with WebDriver

Though not much of common scenario, you may need to verify presence of scrollbar on a

Highlight Element using Selenium WebDriver

During automation testing, it is always useful to know which steps are being performed in browser.

Tip to Find XPath in IE Browser

We often encounter a need to automate our application in IE browser. This may turn out

Selenium IDE Loop Example

Selenium IDE is no doubt a great tool for basic automation purpose. It provides many commands