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Correlation is an important aspect in creation of performance testing scripts. It fetches dynamic values from

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Apache has released a new version of JMeter, version 2.12. Let’s check out some of the

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Although JMeter is mostly used for web application load testing, it has immense capability to deal

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  While recording a script in JMeter using proxy server, many users encounter EOFException error. The

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JMeter provides various options to handle email related scenarios in load testing activities. We already saw

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One of the common mistakes while using JMeter for performance testing is to forget copying required

Introduction to JMeter Templates

For starters, JMeter may not appear much user-friendly due to many of its features and complexity.

JMeter Target Server Failed to Respond Error Troubleshooting

Since JMeter version 2.10, there is an increased occurrence of NoHttpResponseException error. Due to this error,

Difference Between Redirect Automatically and Follow Redirects in JMeter

  In this post, we will highlight important difference between Redirect Automatically and Follow Redirects options.