ISTQB Questions for Foundation Level: Part 2

If you are following our site lately, you would know we have started covering sample ISTQB questions in our earlier post. Here is a second post to help you better prepare for ISTQB foundation level examination. Best way to prepare is to answer all exercises without looking at the answer. You can find the answers at the end of the exercise.

 1. Given the following state transition table Which of the test cases below will cover the following series of state transitions? S1 SO S1 S2 SO.ST DiagramA.  D, A, B, C.
B.  A, B, C, D.
C.  D, A, B.
D.  A, B, C.

2. Which of the following best describes the difference between an inspection and a walkthrough?
A. Both inspections and walkthroughs are led by the author.
B. An inspection is led by a moderator and a walkthrough is led by the author.
C. Both inspections and walkthroughs are led by a trained moderator.
D. A walkthrough is led by the author. The author is not present during inspections.

3. From a testing perspective, what are the main purposes of Configuration Management?
i) Identifying the version of software under test.
ii) Controlling the version of testware items.
iii) Developing new testware items.
iv) Tracking changes to testware items.
v) Analysing the need for new testware items.
A. ii, iv and v.
B. ii, iii and iv
C. i, ii and iv.
D. i, iii and v.

4. As part of which test process do you determine the exit criteria?
A. Test planning.
B. Evaluating exit criteria and reporting.
C. Test closure.
D. Test control.

5. Who would usually perform debugging activities?
A. Developers.
B. Analysts.
C. Testers.
D. Incident Managers.

6. What is the main objective when reviewing a software deliverable?
A. To identify potential application failures by use of a test specification.
B. To identify defects in any software work product.
C. To identify spelling mistakes in a requirements specification.
D. To identify standards inconsistencies in the code.

7. Given the following state transition diagram Which of the following series of state transitions contains an invalid transition which may indicate a fault in the system design?ST Diagram2
A. Login Browse Basket Checkout Basket Checkout Pay Logout.
B. Login Browse Basket Checkout Pay Logout.
C. Login Browse Basket Checkout Basket Logout.
D. Login Browse Basket Browse Basket Checkout Pay Logout.

8. Which of the following would you not usually find on a software incident report?
A. The name and/or organisational position of the person raising the problem.
B. Version of the Software Under Test.
C. Suggestions as to how to fix the problem.
D. Actual and expected results.

9. Which of the following are characteristic of regression testing?
i) Regression testing is run ONLY once
ii) Regression testing is used after fixes have been made
iii) Regression testing is often automated
iv) Regression tests need not be maintained
A. ii, iv.
B. ii, iii.
C. i, iii, iv.
D. iii.

10. A wholesaler sells printer cartridges. The minimum order quantity is 5. There is a 20% discount for orders of 100 or more printer cartridges. You have been asked to prepare test cases using various values for the number of printer cartridges ordered. Which of the following groups contain three test inputs that would be generated using Boundary Value Analysis?
A. 5, 6, 20
B. 4, 5, 80
C. 4, 5, 99
D. 1, 20, 100

11. Some tools are geared more for developer use. For the 5 tools listed, which statement best details those for developers
i) Performance testing tools.
ii) Coverage measurement tools.
iii) Test comparators.
iv) Dynamic analysis tools.
v) Incident management tools.
A. i, iii. and iv. are more for developers.
B. ii. and iv. are more for developers.
C. ii, iii. and iv. are more for developers.
D. ii. and iii. are more for developers.

12. Which activity in the fundamental test process creates test suites for efficient test execution?
A. Implementation and execution.
B. Planning and control.
C. Analysis and design.
D. Test closure.

13. Which of the following is not part of a high level test plan?
A. Functions not to be tested.
B. Environmental requirements.
C. Analysis of Specifications.
D. Entry and Exit criteria.

14. Which tool will be used to test the flag memory leaks and unassigned pointers?
A. Dynamic analysis tool
B. Static Analysis tool.
C. Maintenance tool.
D. Configuration tool.

15. The cost of fixing a fault:
A. Is not important
B. Increases as we move the product towards live use
C. Decreases as we move the product towards live use
D. Is more expensive if found in requirements than functional design
E. Can never be determined

16. Which of the following is not a characteristic for Testability?
A. Operability
B. Observability
C. Simplicity
D. Robustness

17. Code Walkthrough
A. Type of dynamic testing
B. Type of static testing
C. Neither dynamic nor static
D. Performed by the testing team

18. Functional tests can be performed at all test levels
A. True
B. False

19. A program with high cyclometic complexity is almost likely to be:
A. Large
B. Small
C. Difficult to write
D. Difficult to test

20. Which of the following is the component test standard?
A. IEEE 829
B. IEEE 610
C. BS7925-1
D. BS7925-2

21. Which of the following is a type of non-functional testing?
A. Usability testing.
B. Statement Coverage.
C. Dataflow testing.
D. Cause-effect graphing.

22. A piece of software has been given. What tests in the Following will you perform?
i) Test the areas most critical to business processes
ii) Test the areas where faults will be maximum
iii) Test the easiest functionalities
A. 1 & 2 are true and 3 is false.
B. 1, 2 & 3 are true.
C. 1 is true, 2 & 3 are false.
D. 1 & 2 are false, 3 is true

23. Software quality is not relevant to
A. Correctness
B. Usability
C. Viability
D. Reusability

24. In a system designed to work out the tax to be paid: An employee has $4000 of salary tax free. The next $1500 is taxed at 10% The next $28000 is taxed at 22% Any further amount is taxed at 40%. Which of these groups of numbers would fall into the same equivalence class?
A. $5800; $28000; $32000
B. $0; $200; $4200
C. $5200; $5500; $28000
D. $28001; $32000; $35000

25. Regression testing should be performed:
i) Every week
ii) After the software has changed
iii) As often as possible
iv) When the environment has changed v. When the project manager says
A. i & ii are true, iii, iv & v are false
B. ii, iii & iv are true, i & v are false
C. ii & iv are true, i, iii & v are false
D. ii is true, i, iii, iv & v are false


1. (A)
2. (B)
3. (C)
4. (A)
5. (A)
6. (B)
7. (C)
8. (C)
9. (B)
10. (C)
11. (B)
12. (A)
13. (C)
14. (A)
15. (B)
16. (D)
17. (B)
18. (A)
19. (D)
20. (D)
21. (A)
22. (A)
23. (C)
24. (A)
25. (C)

Stay tuned for our next articles about ISTQB questions.

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