JMeter Error Troubleshooting


While recording a script in JMeter using proxy server, many users encounter EOFException error. The most common reason for this type of error is GZIP compression in application under test. In this article, we will explore some troubleshooting ideas to solve JMeter error.JMeter Troubleshooting

There may be different causes of this error. However, GZIP compression has been identified as most common culprit in this error. So, our troubleshooting will revolve mostly around this concept. Now, let’s see some troubleshooting steps one by one.

  • In HTTP Proxy Server/HTTP Test Script Recorder, change the Sampler type to Java. You can find this option in HTTP Sampler Settings section of the HTTP Proxy Server/HTTP Test Script Recorder element.
  • Try deactivating the GZIP compression during recording. You should be able to disable GZIP compression in application server by help of your configuration or development team.
  • If the above two methods fails, you may want to manually configure browser to reject GZIP requests. You can always enable this option in your script later. We will see how we can disable GZIP request in Mozilla Firefox browser. For this, navigate to URL ‘about:config’. Click ‘I’ll be careful, I Promise!’ button. You will see many options there. Search for ‘network.http.accept-encoding’ option. Change its value from ‘gzip, deflate’ to ‘deflate’. You should be able to record the script now.
    • Once you are done with recording, select HTTP Header Manager element in recorded script. Add ‘Accept-Encoding’ parameter manually by setting its value as ‘gzip, deflate’. This enable GZIP compression in your recorded script.

We hope the above steps would be helpful to you in debugging JMeter error. If you know about any such other solution to this problem, let us know about it in comments.

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