What’s New in JMeter 2.12?

Apache has released a new version of JMeter, version 2.12. Let’s check out some of the major features introduced in newest version of JMeter. Here is definitive list of what’s new in JMeter 2.12.

  • New element Critical Section Controller allow to serialize the execution of a section in your tree. Only one instance of the section will be executed at the same time during the test.
  • New configuration element DNS Cache Manager helps in testing of CDN, CDN load balancing and in other load balancers like Amazon Elastic Load Balancer.
  • With JMeter 2.12, you can now test against WebDav server using HttpClient4 Implementation of HTTP Request.
  • In Mail Reader Sampler, you can now specify the number of messages that you want to retrieve. Also, you have an option to fetch only the message header now.
  • In Synchronizing Timer, timeout limit can be given now to define maximum time to wait for group of virtual users.
  • You can now configure the behaviour of JMeter when a resource is found in cache.
  • Better handling of embedded resources. When download embedded resources is checked, JMeter now uses User Agent header to download or not resources embedded within conditional comments.
  • Test Script Recorder has been improved in many ways. Ability to filter from View Results Tree, the Samples that are excluded from recording. This lets you concentrate on recorded Samplers analysis and not bother with useless Sample Results. Better defaults for recording. Grouping of Samplers under Transaction Controller will be smarter making all requests emitted by a web page be children as new Transaction Controller.
  • SMTP Sampler now allows connection timeout and the read timeout.
  • Und0/Redo option for users to undo/redo changes made on Test Plan Tree.
  • Improved Log Viewer. The last lines of JMeter’s log file (jmeter.log) can be viewed directly in GUI by clicking on Warning icon in the upper right corner.
  • Performance improvement.

As seen from above points, JMeter has definitely improved a lot in this new version. We will be covering more about this version of JMeter in our upcoming posts. So, never miss a single post by subscribing to our feed.


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