State of Testing Survey 2015

If you have been following testing community lately, you must have known about State of Testing

Quickly Check Your Website’s Mobile Readiness

Some times back, Google announced the launch of a new label which will show if a

Mobile Testing Checklist

Checklist is an important part of any software testing activity. Mobile testing is no different. To

5 Software Testing Infographics Worth Checking Out

Infographic is a nice way to illustrate complex concepts visually. It can also be useful as

Capture Multiple Screenshots in Selenium WebDriver

If you have an automated test case which involves testing of continuous application flow, there is

Verify Image Presence in Web Page using Selenium WebDriver

JavaScript executor is one of the most useful features of Selenium WebDriver. It allows Selenium user

Correlation in JMeter using Regular Expression Extractor

Correlation is an important aspect in creation of performance testing scripts. It fetches dynamic values from

Simulating Keypress Events in Selenium IDE

Since version 2.3.0, Selenium IDE supports keyboard keypress events. We can simulate Selenium IDE keypress events using

Run Selenium IDE Script in Different Browsers using WebDriver Playback

WebDriver Playback is a newly introduced feature in Selenium IDE. It allows users to run Selenium

What’s New in JMeter 2.12?

Apache has released a new version of JMeter, version 2.12. Let’s check out some of the