Remote Testing Mobile Apps using Samsung Remote Test Lab

Samsung has developed a service called Remote Test Lab which helps in remote testing of mobile apps. This service allows developers and testers an access to real devices of different form factors and platforms. With this free service, you can connect to real devices using network, install your app in the device and carry out remote testing. This is real handy when one wants to quickly test his/her mobile application comprehensively.

Let’s see how we can use this service. Follow below steps to setup and use Samsung Remote Test Lab.

  • You’ll need a Samsung Developer account. You can create an account from here.
  • Go to Remote Test Lab once you are logged into your account.
  • Select device information from list of devices displayed there.
  • On clicking Start!, you should be able to download a JNPL file from there.
  • Install the downloaded JNPL file. You can use Java Web Start to install the JNPL file.
  • After installation it will connect to the Remote Test Lab and your selected mobile client will be displayed.
  • You can install your mobile app by going to Manage–>Applications from there.

As it turns out, this is really useful service to test your app for compatibility on real Samsung mobile devices. It allows remote testing of Android/Tizen apps on tablets, phablets, mobile phones as well as wearables. Below are major features of this service.

  • Screen capture and recording functionality
  • Test automation function – Repeatedly testing a series of specific operations
  • Session sharing function – The screen can be shared with other users
  • Screen orientation support
  • Allows keyboard inputs

However, there are few drawbacks of this service as well. As listed below mainly:

  • No support for audio
  • No support for additional peripherals
  • No support for multi-touch and camera functionalities

This service by Samsung is following credit policy. 20 credits are provided to each user every day. With 1 credit, user can use the Remote Test Lab service for 15 minutes.

This remote testing service by Samsung does a fine job to quickly test an app at a basic level. Don’t consider it as an alternative to your full fledged testing though as there are many holes yet to be plugged. If you have used this service for your remote testing needs, share with us your feedback in comments.

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