Selendroid Setup for Mobile Web Automation

We have already covered Selendroid setup for native Android apps on this article. As Selendroid can also be used for mobile web automation, we will see Selendroid setup to test hybrid/web application in this post. This setup process is performed on Android emulator. However, you can use actual device as well.Selendroid Setup in EclipseWe will use TestNG framework in our setup and write a test on Selenium WebDriver using Java. For our example, we have taken Google website where we will perform a simple search operation. But before we proceed further, let’s ensure we have below prerequisites met for Selendroid setup.


We can now start with Selendroid setup in Eclipse. Perform below steps for it.

  • Start an emulator to run your test on or connect your device to the system.
  • Download Selendroid server JAR file from link specified above.
  • Open Command Prompt and go to the directory where downloaded JAR file is stored.
  • Run below command in Command Prompt to start Selendroid server.
  • Selendroid server gets started on running the above command. To check if Selendroid server is running correctly, go to http://localhost:4444/wd/hub/status URL in your browser. It should show details similar to below screenshot.Selendroid Server
  • Create a Java project in your Eclipse and reference Selendroid client, server and TestNG JAR files.
  • Create a class file in your project and write below code.
  • Run your test using TestNG. It should launch Selendroid WebView app and perform search on Google.

Now that you have setup Selendroid using above tutorial, we would love to hear your views on it via comments.

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