Setup Sikuli on Windows Platform

Sikuli is an interesting tool which is useful for automating both desktop and web applications. Given its many advantages and a fact that it can be integrated with various prominent automation tools, you should give it a try. Here in this article, we have put together a step-by-step guide to setup Sikuli on Windows. This installation will setup Sikuli with its IDE and API.

But before we proceed further, let’s make sure your system meets these pre-requisites for setup. Sikuli is supported on Windows XP and later upto Windows 8 OSes. It also requires valid JDK/JRE installation with version 6 or 7. Having met these requirements, start following below steps to setup Sikuli.

  • Download Sikuli setup JAR file from here.
  • Double click on downloaded JAR file. You will be presented with a screen similar to below image. Setup Sikuli on Windows
  • You can find more details about these setup options on their quick start guide. However for our setup, we will select first 2 options and click Setup Now button.
  • Sikuli will now start downloading required components. Once the download is complete, it will install these components in your system.
  • Open your command window once the installation is done. Navigate to the directory where Sikuli is installed and run ‘runIDE.cmd’ command.
  • On performing above step, Sikuli IDE will be opened. It would look similar to below image.Sikuli IDE
  • That’s it. Setup is now done. You can start recording your Sikuli scripts using the opened IDE.

Check out below video we have prepared showcasing the entire setup process. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more such exciting videos.

Hope the above steps sheds some light on Sikuli setup. Were you able to setup Sikuli successfully after performing above steps? Have you noticed any hiccups while the setup process? We would love to hear it via comments.

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