5 Software Testing Infographics Worth Checking Out

Infographic is a nice way to illustrate complex concepts visually. It can also be useful as a quick reference in certain circumstances. No doubt infographics can come in handy for every software testers out there. We have therefore listed down some 5 software testing infographics worth checking out. Indulge into them below.

Software Testing Infographics

The Challenges of Mobile App Testing:
This infographic comes from Uber Testers. As the name suggests, it shows challenges involved in testing of mobile apps. It covers some real world challenges like multiple platforms, release frequency, tracking etc in mobile testing. Check it out here.

Website Testing: Move Beyond the Landing Page:
This infographic shows ides to test “inner pages” of a website as well as tips to consider when choosing a testing solution. It covers topics such as testing of various website elements(Eg. buttons, navigation, layout etc), types of testing solution(Eg. client side, server side), things to avoid for making a user friendly site. All in all a good resource to have around. You can find it here.

Online Testing Essentials:
This infographic from KISSmetrics shows how to test landing pages, sign up forms and campaigns. It provides tips to optimize customer interaction points in website, resulting in more page views and user friendliness. Find it out at this link.

What Makes a Great Tester:
This fun infographic explores various tester “types” and identifies non-IT qualities a good software tester should have. Check it out here.

Web Application Testing using Add-on and Tools:
This one is more of a mind map than an infographic. It shows usage of certain tools and add-ons which can come in handy for various software testing activities. You can find this good resource to quickly find useful tools here.

We hope you would find the above list of software testing infographics useful. We would love to hear your inputs.

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