Software Testing Podcasts Every Tester Should Follow

Apart from books and blogs, podcasts are another way testers can improve their testing skills. In this article, we have listed some great software testing podcasts you can follow for free.

Software Testing Podcasts

  • This Week in Software Testing: This weekly podcast is from Software Test Professionals community. It covers lot of software testing topics ranging from automation to exploratory testing. Although it is defunct now, you can find the previous episodes here.
  • Test Talks: A podcast from Joe Colantonio, it covers all things software testing. Apart from covering software testing news, it also reviews automation books. However, the notable aspect of this podcast is interviews of testing people. Each week, Joe interviews some of the most successful software engineers, who shares their success and failure stories in this podcast.
  • PerfBytes: A podcast by Mark Tomlinson and James Pulley which talks exclusively about performance testing. This podcast educates testers about performance engineering and helps them improve their performance practices.
  • Testing in the Pub: This podcast covers all about software testing. Along with discussing topics of interests, the hosts also interviews some leading figures of software testing community. All in all, a nice podcast to subscribe to.
  • Testcast: This podcast although not much updated nowadays is hosted by Bruce McLeod and Trish Khoo. It discusses topics related to test management, automated testing and living the life of a software tester.
  • Let’s Talk About Tests, baby: This is an active podcast which talks about testing, QA, Agile and other general geekery. Find out more about it here.
  • Testing Podcast: It is not a podcast but a collection of podcasts. This site lists out software testing podcasts available on Internet.

Do you know any other software testing podcasts which we may have missed here? We would love to hear about them in comments.

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