10 Software Testing Quotes Every Software Tester Would Relate to

Software testing is an art. And to excel in this art, one has to seek an inspiration. Here in this post, we have compiled list of some software testing quotes which will inspire fellow software testers. Let’s check out these quotes every software tester would relate to.

Software Testing Quotes

Software Testing Quotes

  1. Exploratory testing can be described as a martial art of the mind. It’s how you deal with a product that jumps out from the bushes and challenges you to a duel of testing. Well, you don’t become a black belt by reading books. You have to work on it. Happy practising. – By James Bach
  2. The amount of formatting and verbosity applied to a test plan is inversely proportional to the amount of actual good testing represented by such plan. – By David Gilbert
  3. Pay attention to zeros. If there is a zero, someone will divide by it. – By Cem Kaner
  4. Irreproducible bugs become highly reproducible right after delivery to the customer. – By Michael Stahl
  5. Testing is a skill. While this may come as a surprise to some people it is a simple fact. – By Graham Fewster
  6. “Industry Best Practice” is more likely to mean industry lowest common denominator. – By Jason Yip
  7. The danger of standard process is that people will miss chances to take important shortcuts. – By DeMarco
  8. We can accept humans making mistakes, but we can’t accept machines making a mistake that a human might have averted. – By James Bach
  9. The paperwork always have to take a back seat to the testing itself. The testing itself is paramount, and if the paperwork gets in the way, the paperwork needs change. – By James Bach.
  10. Sometimes familiarity with the technical details of a system can hide problems that are obvious to those that don’t know the technology, the requirements documents, and the test scripts. As testers it is important that we be careful not to let our familiarity with a system make us blind to to bugs — things that bug our users. – By Ben Simo

We hope the above collection of software testing quotes will help you inspire in your testing activities. Let us know any more such quotes you like in comments.

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