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Software QA Terminology: Bug Bash

In this article of Software QA Terminology series, we will explore Bug Bash. It is a

Software Testing Myths

Software testing is no doubt one of the most challenging jobs in IT industry. However, just

Software QA Terminology: Defect Triage Meeting

In this post of Software QA Terminology series, we will talk about Defect Triage Meeting aka

Software QA Terminology: Volume Testing

After Big Bang Testing and ORT, today’s article for Software QA Terminology series is about Volume

Software QA Terminology: ORT(Operational Readiness Testing)

In the first article of ‘Software QA Terminology’ series, we have covered about Big Bang Testing.

List of Software Testing Certifications

Certifications are important for any software professionals to improve on their technical skills. Certified professionals are

Software QA Terminology: Big Bang Testing

There are some terminologies in Software Testing practice which are when known would prove useful to