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Possible Scenarios for Account Verification Testing

Account verification is one of the most common functionalities of any application. In most cases, it

Severity and Priority in Software Testing

Severity and priority plays an important role while triaging any defect. Therefore assigning appropriate severity and

Exploratory Testing Extension for Chrome

Exploratory Testing is a powerful concept for effective software testing. It helps in uncovering defects which

Check Broken Links in Website using Xenu

Nobody likes a broken link on a website. It hampers the user experience. And user may

Validate Web Page with Total Validator Tool

A software tester should always validate web page of application under test. Validation is important as

Document Test Steps with Problem Steps Recorder

Software testers often feels the need to record their test steps. This helps in reproducing their

Test Report Preparation: A Detailed Guide

Just as effective software testing is important, test reporting is equally valuable in overall QA activities.

Difference Between Verification and Validation

Verification and Validations are terms which induces confusion among software testers. Here in this post, we

Test Plan Writing: A Detailed Guide

Generally in software testing life cycle, test plan writing is starting point of all the QA

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