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Selendroid Setup for Mobile Web Automation

We have already covered Selendroid setup for native Android apps on this article. As Selendroid can

Test Android App Under Low Memory Conditions

All mobile devices have limited storage options. Therefore, it is imperative for a tester to test

2 Great Online Tools for iOS Testing

In our earlier post, we have covered Responsinator to check your site layout in mobile devices.

Selendroid Setup in Eclipse Using WebDriver

Selendroid is a test automation framework used in automation of Android native and hybrid apps and

Quickly Check Your Website’s Mobile Readiness

Some times back, Google announced the launch of a new label which will show if a

Mobile Testing Checklist

Checklist is an important part of any software testing activity. Mobile testing is no different. To

Remote Testing Mobile Apps using Samsung Remote Test Lab

Samsung has developed a service called Remote Test Lab which helps in remote testing of mobile apps. This

Take Screenshot in Appium with this Simple Code

Screenshots serves an important role of acting as an evidence of any tests performed. Therefore screenshot capture

5 Mobile Testing EBooks for Free Download

Mobile testing is making leaps and bounds of progress in overall testing space. As this field is highly

Report Bug from Mobile using Instabug

While carrying out mobile testing, wouldn’t it be nice for you to log a bug report